Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Soundtracking the Pet Sounds Podcast Series - Episodes 3 & 4

Episode 3: “That’s Not Me”
This is a very simple episode and features the basic instrumental backing track with emphasis on the drums tom-tom feel. Mike Love adds some very nice flavor in his words. Then, we sequence into the original album version.

A note on the side, when Mike deMartin and I were interviewing Brian Wilson for this episode, he forgot that the tune featured just him and his brothers as the backing band. In fact, this is the only Beach Boys song where this actually occurred. Mike then reminded Brian to this fact, and then he stated what you hear on this podcast episode. After we wrapped that sequence up and stopped the recording device, Brian went on to talk about the actual session of the instrumental track whereby he played organ, Carl played guitar and Dennis played drums. He also mentioned how much he deeply misses both Carl and Dennis.

Episode 4: “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)”
This is an interesting track in the way it sort of floats. Brian’s use of the organ really creates the mellow base and a kind of musical pillow effect. The constant cymbal pattern adds to the hypnotic rhythm and tempo setting and the vocal parts sort of glide on top of it. Then, as Bruce points out, the string parts add this beautiful layer to the entire song emphasizing the melodic content and pristine vocal parts and then it helps to build the song into the climax (hint: string bass and kettle drums). Here is where we really get a chance to hear young Brian Wilson showing us his true musical genius. The intricate orchestrations coupled by the simplistic rhythm tracks combine to almost sound like a large symphony orchestra in both volume and depth. And for such a simple pop track, the mutli-layers are inspiring and just brilliant. I ask, are we hearing anything like this in today’s music?

For the soundtrack we started with the original album track and then transition into the instrumental backing track and then fade. We then used the plain string parts and then transitioned into the original section where the strings and vocals are featured. This was one of the most difficult music beds we did for this series but in the end, it sure plays well and was worth the effort.

Jv / 9.5.06


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