Monday, September 18, 2006

Soundtracking the Pet Sounds Podcast Series - Episode 8

It seems that we knew when the time came to create the “God Only Knows” podcast episode, it would have to be something very special. It is, perhaps, the crown jewel of the Pet Sounds album as well as one of the greatest pop songs ever written and our challenge was to tell a compelling story about the track thru the Boys own words and also present the music in a context that would be fresh but also respectful to the original. In fact, throughout all of the Pet Sounds podcast series, we were very careful to always present the music in the utmost light while also creatively piecing the music together in a new way. And, “God Only Know” is a very good example of this approach and style. The episode opens with the vocal-only first verse (Carl Wilson sounding brilliant) and then we cut into the backing track for all of the narrative and then conclude with the final vocal-only chorus that emphasizes what Bruce describes in his discussion. Such an amazing song!

Jv / 9.18.06


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