Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Soundtracking the Pet Sounds Podcast Series - Episodes 9 & 10

Episode 9: “I Know There’s An Answer” (Hang On To Your Ego)

We used the straight instrumental backing track on this episode. We conclude with a taste of the original “groovy” track. The weird thing about this episode is that originally Mike refused to sing on it because of the drug-type lyrics so they had to be changed. And when we interviewed Mike Love about this track, something happened with the source recording and his answers and we just lost his talk. We still can’t figure out what exactly occurred but it was very strange. Perhaps this is the way it just had to be on this tune!

Episode 10: “Here Today”

We open with the original track and then fade out and then bring up the instrumental backing track for the Boys’ talk. We enjoyed Mike Love singing the lines and realizing that those notes were a bit high for him – Brian often referred to Mike as having a “masculine voice” – then, Mike finishes his part with a philosophical thought. Bruce described the creative instrumental break in the middle as well as complimenting Brian on his musical magic. We lead out with the chorus and then into the instrumental part Bruce just discussed. No Al featured here. A short but fun episode to cut.

Jv / 9.26.06


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