Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pet Sounds Podcast Hits #1!

By Michael DeMartin

How about that? The Pet Sounds Podcast Series has jumped to #1 on the iTunes Most Popular Music Podcast Charts. Something we never thought about, but it's great that fans are responding to the tune of literally thousands of streams per day. Of course we'd like to take credit for it, but really it's all about Pet Sounds and the incredible album that Brian put together with the boys. This album will live forever and no matter what configuration Capitol releases it in, we'll keep buying it.

Regarding the new package: It is really cool (I guess the green fuzzy cover is supposed to represent the Zoo) and the booket is great reading. The DVD is a lot of fun and though most of that content has been available before, it's great to have it in one place. Plus, Brian talking with George Martin about songwriting is worth the price of admission alone.

The package they're selling in iTunes is cool too: obviously there's no DVD (although you get a promo video you can watch on your video iPod) but they do have the box set up with all the alternate tracks as well as tracks-only and vocals-only versions. These are absolutely revelatory to those who haven't heard these tracks yet. Want to make records for a living? Just listen to this and it will have to inspire you - or make you want to quit making music forever.

Anyway, back to the Podcasts: Joe Vella (who co-produced) and I would like to thank the great guys at Capitol for letting us run wild with this. Thank you to Michael Ruthig, John Owen, Billy Smith for all your support and help. Thanks to Wendy and Dick at Toolshed for helping to get the word out. And, of course, thanks to Brian, Mike, Al and Bruce for being so supportive - you guys are the best.

But, stay tuned, because the series will continue to rollout throughout October 10 (see schedule at right) and the espiodes get better and better. Enjoy the Good Vibrations!


At 7:49 AM, Blogger rebecca said...

know, that i look back i believe Brian's genius,so what if he hid out in his mansion, they are the ones that got everyone to move to the state of CA. and bikini's,we all wore and had to have that tan, love them


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