Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brian Wilson Pet Sounds Tour Dates

By Michael DeMartin

Ironically, Brian's Official Website is often not the first to have tour information, and it's a little frustrating to a lot of fans - including me. The truth is no official dates can be put up until everything is finalized and the contracts are signed. So, as a result, other sites have the dates up first. For instance, Brian's band has a page on and they had the Tour dates up last week. Now, the dates were accurate, but they weren't official, so those in charge were made to remove them immediately - and this came from the top.

Now, the dates are official, although there still are a few holes. There are four Northeast dates in November (featuring Al Jardine) but no information is up yet for Washington, D.C. on November 18. Tickets are available for November 17 in MA, November 19 in PA, and tickets for New York's November 21 Beacon Theatre show will be on sale on September 29. Don't say you heard it here that there may be a second New York date, but that's it. No more shows ... but never say never ...

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