Thursday, September 14, 2006

A (Partial) Beach Boys Pet Sounds Reunion!

By Michael DeMartin

Well, it's almost a dream come true. Al Jardine will be joining Brian on his upcoming Pet Sounds tour dates later this year. I've been told that Brian and Al had become friends again awhile back, so these shows will be even more special with Al involved. Should be interesting what Al does, since he didn't sing any leads on Pet Sounds. But his unique voice will sure make the backgrounds cool, and I wouldn't be surprised if Brian threw him the "Sloop John B" lead. It would be cool for Mike and Bruce to come on for these special dates, but that's not gonna happen. In any case, here's the official info that appears in today's USA TODAY:

Two Beach Boys to reunite

Last week I was asked about the possibilities of a Beach Boys reunion. Now we have at least a partial one.

Brian Wilson will be playing five dates in November to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds (which some, although not Mike Love, have argued is virtually a Brian solo work). Those dates: Nov. 1 in L.A.; Nov. 17 in Boston; Nov. 18 in Washington, D.C.; Nov. 19 in Glenside, Pa.; and Nov. 21 in New York. On the last four of these dates (and maybe the first one; it's not firm yet), former Beach Boy Al Jardine will join Wilson, the first time in over a decade that they've shared a stage. A few West Coast shows might be added afterward.

It's also billed as the last time Wilson will perform Pet Sounds in its entirety, so it may well be quite an occasion.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Soundtracking the Pet Sounds Podcast Series - Episodes 5, 6 & 7

Episode 5: “I’m Waiting For The Day”
This simple episode used the backing track and contains a brief story line from Brian and then a nice overview from Mike Love. We stressed the timpani drums section and then back to the backing music part for Al and then into Bruce. We conclude playing the first verse of the original track.

Episode 6: “Let’s Go Away For A While”
This short piece features the original track. We opened at the top and then edited into the horn section toward the end. Brian said a lot off mike about this track but was sort of shy when we started to record his interview. In fact, we talked for a bit about the Burt Bacharach feel on that particular cut. He then went on to talk about a new track he was writing with Burt. Anyways, you have Brian discussing the tune from a musical point of view and then, Mike giving a short reaction.

Episode 7: “Sloop John B”All of the guys essentially said the same thing here. It is great to hear them tell their own version of the story which is why we left it all in. As Brian states it is a solid cut from the Boys – all around great music, arrangement and singing. But as Bruce points out, the track (maybe) didn’t belong on Pet Sounds. I agree with Bruce on this and would have liked to seen “Good Vibrations” included instead – just my opinion here. This episode used session backing track and then original on the outro.

Jv / 09.12.06